10 Best Portland Handmade Jewelry Designers

Harlow Jewelry: Harlow Jewelry was established in 2009 in Portland(PDX). Talented designer Ruthie Crawford named her handcraft store after her daughter, Olivia Harlow.

 Betsy & Iya: Betsy and Iya started the career in 2008. That day, the first idea of jewelry making appeared in their minds while drinking coffee in a local coffee shop

Whimsy Wandering: The Whimsy Wandering brand’s primary aim is to create high-quality jewelry and other accessories for free-spirited women.

 Grayling Jewelry: Grayling Jewelry will make you feel special. The founder of this unique place, Katy, launched it ten years ago after long-held jewelry industry practice.

Redux: Redux is a local boutique and gallery specialized in indie and handmade designer jewelry, art, and unique accessories.

Twist: They are also deeply connected with jewelry artisans and designers they cooperate with. Their relationship includes sharing ideas, mutual respect, and regular communication.

Alchemy: Nowadays, it is a unique place in the Pacific Northwest that provides award-winning jewelry design, in-house metalsmithing, and first-class service.

 Kassab Jewelers: Since 1990, when Kassab Jewelers was established, it has been a place to find uniqueness, style, and elegance. 

Allison Ulmer: This unusual Lady believes that each piece of jewelry should be one of a kind, handcrafted, and it needs to show the owner’s expression.

TASI: They are undoubtedly one of a few top-notch jewelry designers in Portland(PDX) who creates masterpieces for more than twelve years.