12 Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas & Tips

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Traditional Engraving: As the groom, the wedding ring engraving ideas for her you should consider is one which looks traditional.

 Be Romantic: Secondly, don’t shy away from the romantic. We understand that people have very different romantic views, and thus they express it in different ways.

.Vows Engraved: You could as well inscribe all mentioned above. To accomplish this, you might have to shorten your vows unless you have opt-in for the microscopic procedure.

 Funny Engraving: You could make funny engravings that reference an inside joke, or perhaps a playful secret you two share. Funny pet names, cooking fails.

 Be Expressive: It’s a perfect way to combine connection, humor, and uniqueness. It also drives a healthy obsession further, solidifying your relationship in the process.

Inscribe Romance Language:  Anything spoken in any of these languages becomes a thousandfold more romantic. for a bit of both uniqueness, you could inscribe a meaningful text on your wedding bands.

Song Lyrics Are Cool Too: A lot of couples have a special song. A song of great sentiment to them. Whether it was the song that played on their first date, first kiss, or when they first met.

Favorite Quotes: Sayings like “Whoop! There it is,” or “The Butler Did It,” or even “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and several others.

 Send A Message: Play a little on the idea of two separate people uniting to become a loving couple by dividing a message between the two rings.

Fingerprints Engraving: If you want something that is more exclusive to you and you two alone: Engrave your fingerprints. Yes, your fingerprints. This takes the whole “Two become to the next level.