15 Common Types Of Stones For Rings

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 Diamond: With Moh’s scale value of 10, diamond is the hardest stone available. Diamond rings are classic and timeless.

 Ruby: Lying under the corundum family of gemstones, red-colored gemstone ruby, is also one of the most valuable and desired stones, especially among brides. Red symbolizes love and affection.

Sapphire: This is another gemstone that belongs to the family corundum. Many types of fancy pink, yellow, orange, peach, or violet colored sapphires are also available. 

 Emerald: Emerald is a gorgeous green stone and ideal for nature enthusiasts with a Moh’s value of 7.5-8. Emerald comes in various spectrum of greens ranging from light to deep bluish-green.

 Pearl: Also known as ‘Queen , it is the only gem formed within a living creature. Although a range of colored pearls are formed, white and cream-colored pearls are very common and high in demand.

Aquamarine: Aquamarines come in hues of blue and can cost from $10 to $1,000/carat mainly depending on its color, depth, and carat. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March babies.

 Morganite: Morganite is a type of Beryl crystal and its faint pink color is caused by manganese traces. One big downfall of morganites is that it gets as well as looks dirty sooner.

 Alexandrite: Alexandrite can be a very suitable option for your ring since it is extraordinarily durable with a Moh’s value of 8.5.

Peridot: Peridot is extremely affordable and costs about $50-$80/carat. However, for well-cut pieces of around 1-2 carats, prices can hike up to around $450.

 Topaz: One who wears a topaz is considered to receive love and emotional support, thus making topaz a popular stone choice for an engagement ring these days.