Best Alcoholic Drinks

Beer: Despite the taste of it, the thing that inspires me to drink beer is the period it was invented.

Wine: For what reason do you drink? Just to make headOr to help you relax and have a great time with other people,My choice as a Greek.

Rum & Coke: If your looking for a good cheap rum I would suggest : captian morgan: good as a sipper, amazing with rum and coke, COKE. Very sweet, choose private stock for a bit bolder taste. 

Tequila: Once in a blue moon I take it with salt and lime. Eating the best Mexican food and drinking Tequila equals bliss. 

Sex on the Beach: Amazing. What you should try though is the drink sex on the beach. It's the best think that I have ever drank. 

Vodka & Orange: I haven't tried this yet but I hear it does wonders, in both delivering a helluva night and overall smooth taste. 

Margarita: The First and best time I was drunk, and the best drink ever! I don't know I'm drunk! Guess what I'm drinking, a margarita. 

Whiskey with Ice: JD just doesn't do it. It numbs your tongue to soon and the novice drinker wont get a chance to enjoy the taste of the whiskey. 

Piña Colada:  But real pina coladas contain more pineapple than coconut. Give it up to pineapple although I'm a coconut fan too. 

Champagne : French Champagne is so fresh, so fresh, so fun, so festive.For a party, a birthday, a weeding etc, Champagne is the best for sure.