Best Energy Drinks

Red Bull: There may not many who realized that this Red Bull Energy Drink was originated from a Pharmaceutical firm in Thailand over 40 years ago.

Monster: I drink Monster when I'm on the ski slopes, doing work, or even when I'm just chillin with some friends and feel tired.

Rockstar: Not only for better results, but all the ingredients. Each can has 2 grams of Taurine, which plays a very important amino role in the cardiovascular system.

Monster Assault: I have been drinking energy drinks since Red Bull first hit the market. Over the years as new products came out, I would try them.

XS EnergyBest energy drink on the planet Not only it gives a massive boost of energy, but it is much healthier than any other energy drinks.

Full Throttle: Best tasting energy drink I've had. Gave me ZERO energy but again it tastes great especially when its super cold almost slush-like.

AMP Energy: I started with Rock Star, after having a Monster, Rock Star taste like crap. After that I went to AMP and now Monster taste like crap.

Cocaine: Whenever I'm tired, I just go grab some of this, and it wakes me right up! Downsides are it only lasts about 10 minutes.

Relentless: Relentless original is probably my favourite energy drink I find monster too sweet, red bull is good but it does seem to give me a mild headache.