Best Live Action Disney Movies

Heading 1

Mary Poppins: There are a few Oliver! Esque moments here. The chimney sweeps all looked like they walked out of the Consider Yourself number for example.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Best series ever, that's all I've got to say. Woo hoo, go Pirates Squad,I only saw this movie because of my then love for johnny depp.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: This was the first time that animated characters had interacted with reality, by that I don't mean just people, everything.

Marvel's The Avengers: This is still one of the highest grossing and rated movies of all time for good reason, and it paved the way for our beloved MCU.

Pirates of the Caribbean:This is an extremely underrated sequel to the original. I don't understand the hate that goes towards it. 

Star Wars: I love Star Wars. People judge me because I'm a girl. But seriously Star Wars is without a doubt number one.

The Chronicles of Narnia:Four children peter susan edmund and lucy are sent away to another place because of the world war. There they live with a professor. 

National Treasure: National Treasure is probably the best Disney movie of all (excluding Pixar movies that have "Disney" on the cover). It's like a combination of an action movie and a mystery.

Enchanted: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl comes second on my list. Enchanted is awesome.

TRON: Legacy:An absolutely breathtaking movie with great acting and it's quite arguably the best 3D movie ever.