Better Than the Late 2010s

Less Phone Addiction: It's bull that everyone has to be addicted to their phones. It's affecting their daily health so much.

Fewer Shootings: Shootings in 2016-2019: Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, Parkland, Santa Fa, Pittsburgh, Thousand Oaks.

No Mumble Rappers: It's not just mumble rap that made the late 2010s a terrible time to be a popular music fan. A lot of pop singers  make their songs have trap elements.

No Stupid Internet Challenges: When will these things just stop happening? And why do people think they are good ideas.

No Fortnite: I would try to disprove the common misconceptions associated with Fortnite, but a lot of times.

Rappers Weren’t Taking Over: They were sort of, but good rappers. I'm just sick of everyone from drake to taylor swift trying to be rappers, and don't get me started with the Lil's.