Greatest Film Directors of All Time

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Steven Spielberg: This man gave us the meaning of summer blockbuster with Jaws. Reinvented the genre of adventure with Indiana Jones.

Stanley Kubrick: I think it was critic Frank Rich who said it: the Shakespeare of film. Profound ideas about the human race and philosophy are found deeply hidden within his films.

Quentin Tarantino:  His films are characterized by frequent references to popular culture and film history, nonlinear storylines, dark humor.

Alfred Hitchcock:  How many other filmmakers can you instantly recognize without any clues. Hitchcock truly is the greatest and most influential filmmaker to ever grace us with his movies.

Christopher Nolan: Maybe some of these other directors are more famous and have much more movies, but Nolan still easily has them beat. Do you know what he says.

Martin Scorsese: A key element I notice in a lot of Scorsese films is the element of surprise, not necessarily in a "shock value" sense.

Francis Ford Coppola:  The Godfather Trilogy is incredible, but he truly displays his perseverance and commitment as a filmmaker through the adaptation of "Heart Of Darkness.

Upendra: Excellent director. You need to watch the complete movie without even missing one single scene to understand perfectly.

Tim Burton: I love all his movies, both stop motion and real life, I like the fact that Tim creates a whole new world that most people won't even dare to think of. 

James Cameron: The man, the legend himself! I know some people will say that XYZ is a better director than Cameron but come this guy is literally a human manifestation of the phrase larger than life.