Most Traumatizing Things that Can Happen to a Person

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Being raped: Being violated wrongfully can make the person have PTSD and it's very difficult for the person to cope and get over it. 

Being bullied: I mostly experienced to elementary school all the way to High School. That's one of the main reasons why my mental health is so screwed up.

Going through a divorce: Either it's an adult going through a divorce or a child whose parents are going through a divorce

Losing your best friend: Him being terrible enough and him being the most fake friend I ever have is why I disown the importance of best friends. 

The loss of a sibling:  I didn't understand the depth of emotions and rather some emotions that doesn't have a lot of depth back then.

The loss of your parents: When my mom dies I am going to lose it. I just hope everyone's parents live till their old and gray. 

Being betrayed: Besides that one time in 8th grade that I talked about earlier, I've never felt betrayed. The sad thing is that guy doesn't even understand how he hurt me.

Being falsely accused and punished for what you haven't done:  The worst thing is when a good friend did this. They are no longer friends but distrustful and deceitful people.

Losing a friend: Trust me, I've been through many losses of friends in a way that they don't want me in their lives and it's agonizing to go through so many.

Losing a child: No parent should have to bury their child. The absolute worst thing that can happen in my opinion,I couldn't even imagine how the parent would feel.