Netflix’s all-time biggest hits

Heading 1

Squid Game: This Korean thriller took the world by storm, immediately becoming one of the platform’s most successful productions.

Clinical breast exams and breast self-exams: -These are the first line of prevention when it comes to detecting any abnormalities in breast tissue that will require further investigation.

Breast cancer screening: -Screening mammography is an x-ray of the breasts. It is used to detect signs of breast cancer.

Other screening tests: -People who are at higher risk of certain cancers are sometimes prescribed other screening tests. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Screening tests: -Now, let’s take a look at other cancer screening tests and when you should be doing them

Lung cancer screening: -There is a specific type of CT scan that is used to screen for lung cancer.

Colorectal cancer screening: -A colonoscopy is the most popular screening test for colorectal cancer, though other tests are also used, namely sigmoidoscopies and stool tests.

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