5 Skin Positivity Advocates Who'll Make You Rethink Your Take On Pimples

Tarini Shah: When growing up in the times of social media where everyone has this flawless skin .

Diksha Rawat:  I don’t conceal my pimples when sharing my content.

PKB: When I am breaking out, I include salicylic acid in my routine. 

DR: For my skin, I make sure to wash it religiously. I make sure to use a good cleanser and never skip sunblock.

RS: The reality needs to be seen and heard more in the public eye, for it to be normalized.

Himadri Patel: Over the years, I’ve built that confidence where I like to embrace my skin the way it is.

Ritvi Shah:  I think growing up I used to see makeup as a means to cover my bare skin.

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah:  It was more of a personal experience, where I was going through the lowest point in my life – I had PCOS, a massive pimple breakout.