Top 10 Architectural House Styles

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Craftsman: The Craftsman style has are commonly seen in the Midwest. These type of houses always include a front porch and a triangular ro.

Mediterranean: These beautiful houses are known to have a lot of open space, stone carvings as well as large windows. Because of its open design.

Victorian: This timeless style was popular during the Victorian era, and while not as common nowadays, it still is a timeless style. 

Mountain: Mountain style houses are purely designed to custom to the mountainous climate. Mostly a brown colour with big windows to give you a gorgeous view of the scenery.

Greek Revival: Inspired by Ancient Greek architecture, specifically the temples. The signature of this particular design is the pillars in front of the entrance.

Spanish: Similar to the Mediterranean style, Spanish houses were inspired by Spanish churches. Spanish houses are beautifully decorated with hedges, and contain courtyards.

French Provincial: This style was inspired by Parisian manor homes in the 1600s. It is simple, yet a classic.

Contemporary: Probably the most common style that most architects build, nowadays. This style does not look the typical traditional house. it is usually built with a flat roof, and massive windows. 

Art Deco: Like the contemporary style, Art Deco does look like a standard house. They have a geometric structure and are always painted white.

American Colonial: This style was invented during the colonial period of the United States. Mostly known for it's symmetry within the structure.