Top 10 Best Assault Rifles

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AK-47: By far the AK47 is the best assault weapon. I would take the AK47 any place in the world with a back pack full of loaded magazines and feel safe.

FN SCAR: The SCAR rocks. Dependability and accuracy, in my opinion are the deciding factors. If it jams on you then the rifle is useless.

HK416: HK 416 has proved to be far better than AK-47. The AK has great reliability, but outmatched by HK 416. When you dip your AK into thick mud.

M4A1 SOPMOD: This feature is not the only reason why most assault rifles that are used in battle, but is a major factor. 

ACR: It's not called the ADAPTIVE combat rifle for nothing. This rifle can be customized to excel in any mission. Whether it be the AK47's 7.62, or the M4's/M16's 5.56, the ACR can fire it all.

Tavor TAR-21: It is able to convert it's usage to everything in between close-range urban ops and small spaces (like in tanks) to even recon missions and long-range sniping. 

Steyr AUG: The weapon is Bullpup automatically it should be first the weapon is short yet has a decent length barrel and is also light weight.

M16 Rifle:  The M16 is lighter than the AK47, so you can carry more ammunition.

Heckler & Koch G36:  It's bigger but the 5.56mm flies faster and transfers more energy to the target when it hits.

FN FAL:  I carried the weapon in combat in Africa so I know first hand this to be true. With automatic the first round may be  target but all subsequent rounds were progressively shooting at the moon.