Top 10 Best BMX Bike Brands

Heading 1

We the People: To me they are the best bike in the world and when ever me and my mate ride to school people always say that we the peoples are brilliant.

Haro: It's a company that has been around for a few decades, and has continuously improved over the years. Even their entry level Annex is better than most mid levels from other brands.

Fit bikes are really nice looking, and they ride smoother than butter. I swear on my life this should be the first bike on the list. 

Mongoose:Had a 02 custom KO as a kid, no worries there either. Plus anything from the late 80's early 90's is going to be better quality than stuff you see today.

Sunday: Go out with your bike on a beautiful sunday ride and have fun with the best bike out there. Producing tricks at your best with the best bmx bike out there.

Eastern: Perfect for roads and trails. I think the Eastern should be ranked higher than the mongoose. I strongly recommend this bike over a lot of the other brands out there.

Kink: I'm getting a kink curb 2012(purple) next week. But my cousin has got a gary young ex sunday bike and that's really good but I like kink better.

GT: Durable, reliable, light weight. You are not bmx riding without one. New or old school the bike is tough,GT has been in the game for a minute which makes them a veteran in bmx bike performance.

Diamondback: They are very strong and also quite light. Been using mine for 3 years now and there are no signs of wear or tear.

United: The bike itself is extremely light and durable. The bike hands down is 9/10 and I cannot fail to mention the attractive trans colors.