Top 10 Best Car Tire Brands

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Michelin (France): Michelin are the best tires we sell, it's a 100% client satisfaction. Really higher compared with other brands and Michelin has the widest range of tire types. 

BFGoodrich (USA): These came on my truck and lasted 85k miles and 10 years before I changed them out due to cracks on the sidewall.

Bridgestone (Japan): My family's life was saved one day thanks to the outstanding performance of our Bridgestone tires in the rain.

Goodyear (USA): Goodyear tires are the absolute best tire money can buy, from every standpoint. They are the last American owned tire company and are made in the USA.

Continental (Germany): Last Mercedes 2014 ML-350 we purchased came with Continental tires on it from the dealer. They where quiet and good tires

Hankook (South Korea): Hankook makes a great tire, great innovation and designing. Always reasonably priced and a great performer.

Nokian (Finland): They also work better than the aqua tread when I had to go through standing water on the interstate in Topeka Kansas with my 93 Fleetwood.

Dunlop (England): Best handling on wet roads, very comfortable and silent on road and one of the shortest stopping distance.

Kleber (France): Kleber is not really known and not really diffused, it belongs to Michelin (from 1981),They make as well good tire as michelin.

Pirelli (Italy): Every other brand of Tyre will claim they are better off Han their rivals but I still believe you should replace with the Vehicle Manufacturers Tyre recommendations.