Top 10 Best Doctor Who Episodes of All Time

Heading 1

Blink: His mistakes are too many to mention here. Doctor Who will never be great again until he leaves.

The Day of the Doctor: A fitting celebration for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. Billie Piper excels at playing her old character, but not her old character.

The End of Time: Such an amazing episode. The perfect way to say goodbye to the greatest doctor David Tennant.

 The Doctor Dances: Not my favourite, but I just think that it deserves to be in the top 3 because it definitely makes chills run down your spine! And not to mention Christopher Eccleston.

The Family of Blood: Yes! This is obviously the best story of all time for me. Both parts are practically perfect on every level... the core premise.

Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead: THE best episode. It was exceptional. We had the suspense leaving us clutching the edge of our seats.

Heaven Sent: Showcases what Capaldi can do with excellent writing. It's a shame so many of his stories were terrible one offs.

Vincent and the Doctor: This isn't just an episode of Doctor Who, it's an artistic statement about beauty and pain and depression.

City of Death: I personally believe this is the best episode of the show. It's witty and has a brilliant plot. Love it.

The Waters of Mars: My #1 favourite Doctor who episode. Much more ephasis on the Doctor himself, David Tennant just steals the show in this.