Top 10 Best Epic Rap Battles of History

Heading 1

Darth Vader vs. Hitler: This one is an absolute classic and highlights what makes epic rap battles of history great.

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates:  I give away your net worth to AiDS research! Combine all your little toys and I still crush that. iPhone? IPad? I own, I smack.

Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking: Fortunately for us all, their delivery does not disappoint. Strange to see someone like Einstein rapping, but he sure rips it up.  I felt that Hawking took this one.

Rasputin vs. Stalin: This must be the best one of them all, most power behind the words, clever lyrics and interesting personas of history.

Steven Spielberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock: Being one of the biggest movie fans I know, I was entertained all the way through. The surprise of Tarantino.

Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe: This rap has probably the best technical rhyme scheme of any of the battles. I like watsky, but I gotta give this one to King.

Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lecter: This may not be the best overall, but it's the best of Season 4 so far and is in my personal top ten. 

Mozart vs. Skrillex: Sometimes both sides on't sound very good, sometimes there's one who's bad and one who's good, but very rarely are both sides good enough for it to be hard to decide who one.

Eastern Philosophers vs. Western Philosophers: It's the latest as of July 2015,and the Eastern philosophers just killing it...specially the last minute by both sides is awesomely awesome.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: You got the momma genes... And a mr fantastic face. So rich and white, it's like I'm runnin against.