Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin

Mid-Fight Masses: Mid Fight Masses is a mod where GF wanted to go to the bathroom and visited a church. Then they met Sarvente, and didn't let them use the bathroom.

Vs. Whitty: To me, this is the best mod just for how much passion and creativity that goes through in this mod.

Tricky: t speaks for itself. The art, charting, and songs are all amazing. I love how it doesn't allow you to spam with Hellclown and Expurgation.

Hex Mod: It is a unique mod because it has 4 rounds, Hex is a really amazing bot, I like how they've spent a 2 days and a night just for rap battling.

Vs Sky:  liked this mod because the background colors, it is a really cool and colorful mod! I liked the last song where Sky transformed into a black scary monster and Manifested GF.

Garcello: So, this is my favorite FNF mod. It was the 2nd mod I found on the internet. So, here is the story about me after knowing about Garcello.

Vs. Agoti: They're stuck in the void with no Food, Water, People, Buildings, AC, Clocks, Devices, Papers, Pencils, Pens, Colors, or anything.

Vs. Void: My all-time favorite mod. The story for week one goes like this. Boyfriend gets invited to perform on stage with Void, a humanoid black hole.

Vs. Tabi: Okay this mod is amazing. Genocide is one of the best fnf songs made, and the entire storyline and voice acting is amazing.

Friday Night Funkin: This one at one point was one of my personal favorites in the entire mod community of FNF.