Top 10 Best Holidays

Christmas: Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. There is something magical about this time of year that I can't explain. Even though I spend a lot  Christmas just makes it feel extra special. 

Halloween: Halloween is my favorite holiday because it is about the supernatural, magic, and mockery of death. I love vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, goblins, and monsters.

Thanksgiving: There was a horse barn that we played in. The stalls were prison, and we had to escape from them. We would try to climb up the wall or use barrels to hop out the windows. 

Easter:  I always loved scavenger hunts and such; my biggest problem always was eggs weren't hard enough to find. Also, it does bring the family together, albeit Christmas achieves this better.

Independence Day: This is a favorite for me, too bad the cops have to go and ruin it every year by taking away all our fireworks and leaving us with only sparklers and smoke bombs.

New Year's Day: Yeah. New Year's good, but after it ends, you have to get back to your normal, boring, and depressing schedule.

New Year's Eve: Just like Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve is better than celebrating the actual holiday because when it comes it feels anti-climactic.

Valentine's Day: If only everyone would stop thinking about their personal love life and start preparing cards for your friends.

Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve is actually probably better than Christmas itself because you are so excited for Christmas that you actually enjoy the days leading up to it more.

St. Patrick's Day: Unfortunetly, we still have to go to school on that day. And they don't let you pinch people who aren't wearing green there.