Top 10 Best Horse Breeds

Thoroughbred: They are also great show jumpers, though they're known better for racing. They come in many different shapes and sizes, along with colors as any other breed does. 

Morgan: Morgan horses are great horses. They are very strong and often graceful looking horses. They can live very long lives of up to 40 years of age.

American Quarter Horse: They do like to run and they are very respectful, I feel safest on a Quarter Horse because they are very calm. They are just so versatile. 

Standardbred: Quite beautiful beginners horse. Mostly known for the amazing cooperation. A mans best friend. Very willing and very good for endurance working.

American Paint Horse:  Also they are NOT QUARTER horses colored because I have a solid bred paint so they can be one color also then the quarter horse would just be a pinto quarter horse not a paint.

Dutch Warmblood: They are bred for jumping, and that's what they do! They are huge, beautiful animals, hard to beat in any way.

Clydesdale: I wish I owned one. Very gentle and loving! Also, very pretty! Lovable, big sweet, and loyal, what more could you ask? Big babies, reall

Tennessee Walking Horse: It is quite remarkable to get them going in their gait for the first time, the most memerable ride of my life.

Hanoverian: my Hanoverian is amazing at dressage, jumping, cross country, hacking and well everything. this breed try's there best at everything. it doesn't matter if its just a hack or and Olympic.

Allosaurus: The apex threat of the Jurassic and noble combatant for most dangerous big carnivorous dinosaurs fighting food competition like torvosaurus and ceratosaurus and prey like the stegosaurus.