Top 10 Best Lego Themes

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Ninjago: This theme should definitely be first. Ninjago is actually my life and I've been absolutely obsessed with it since it came came out.

Bionicle: Lego didn't create it. Bionicle is the best Lego theme that has ever been created and will continue to be the best. You know why? Because it wasn't just a Lego toy. 

Star Wars: Star Wars is an amazing universe, really expanded. You can use Lego Star Wars in many ways. II not only to do Space battle, but also grounds battles, with a lots of different vehicles.

City:  There are MOC's too and assembling them could be cheaper than an official set, but if you don't have the spare time, then get a ton of City sets and you're good to go.

Harry Potter: Making a harry potter theme was a great idea. I think they executed it perfecly. Lots of adventure and fun. Though harry looks awful they should improve his look.

Lord of the Rings: It shows younger children the enjoyability of following Frodo's journey. It helps them interact will themes that might be known only by older children.

Indiana Jones: They did a great job with this theme. I own a good amount of the sets and I can say that this was my favorite theme.

Batman: I have built many Batman sets with my son, and I love them as much as he does!. , Jokers Ice cream surprise truck is ingenious.

Atlantis: Atlantis is so awesome. The fish warriors the treasure keys the divers. I'm like totally crazy about the divers names like Lance spears, Captain Ace speed man. Totally creative.

Legends of Chima: I think that the only reason why this thing flopped was because of the timing and it replacing such a big franchise as ninjago