Top 10 Best Months of The Year

December: December is the month of my birthday (December 10th) so basically 15 days after my birthday I celebrate another holiday.

July: This is just the liveliest time of the year. I live in a colder state, so the highest temperatures are not very warm.

June: June is the best! This is the greatest month ever! It is nice and warm. And the pool is open too! Unless if you live in Maine or Alaska.

October: I know, nobody likes october because it isn't December or in the summer. But, it has some big benefits. Halloween, for one.

May: It's beautiful in May in New England, the flowers bloom, temps hit 80, baseball, it's like Thursday, in the week because the summer hype is real.

November: In Canada, where I live, November is the month where all trees have no leafs, and it looks like all of them are dead.

August: I remember August 2014, thinking about third grade. I was excited and nervous. A few months earlier, I figured that getting interested in Minecraft would make me somewhat popular.

April: April is so nice in every aspect. The weather is still cool but starts to warm up a bit and all that rain helps the trees and beautiful flowers grow.

March: The weather is trash. I live in NY, so the snow starts to melt, and it's a mix between black snow, icy snow, or snow that is watery.

February: February is a very beautiful month. Actually, it might be my favorite! While it may not be Christmas snow, February can experience very beautiful snowfalls.