Top 10 Best Mountain Dew Flavors

Voltage: I would marry this drink, and make it my bride forever. Every morning I would rely on this drink to keep me awake. At lunch I would have personal conversations with it.

Baja Blast: Seriously disappointing that they do not carry this drink at various convenient stores. every time they did carry it at my local stores they ALWAYS sold out.

Code Red: I go thru ridiculous phases where I only drink a certain kind of mountain dew for a period of time, then I go thru stages where I buy  flavors and stock the fridge with a variety of dews.

Original: Although all the other flavors taste good. You can get tired of the rest of them. You never get tired of the original. The original will always be the best. But I also like whiteout.

Live Wire: The simple combination of orange and dew is amazing. Better than any other orange soda, and is currently my favorite dew.

Mountain Dew Throwback: Throw back is awesome. It's like the original Mountain Dew but better because it tastes slightly better and it doesn't use high fructose corn syrup.

DEW-S-A: I liked it so much that I bought a 12 can pack of them "the first time I had it the drink kind of tasted just like voltage.