Top 10 Best Pixar Movies

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Toy Story:  I have fond memories of this movie and without this movie, I'll never even think of pursuing animation and story development in my career path.

The Incredibles: On a side note, The incredibles is the first movie in which the human characters don't look like plastic dolls.

Finding Nemo:  Marlin may have been a bit overprotective over Nemo, but that was pretty much the whole point of the movie and it shows how much he cares for him.

Monsters, Inc.:  It's a masterpiece, with a fantastic score and storyline. It's original and keeps you on your toes. 

Up: The beginning and the end made me cry. It really expressed the things in life that matter, and the things you do for others. 

Wall-E: I think this movie is a lot better than what many remember it to be. It had a great motivational story with a bold message that it really pushed throughout the movie.

Toy Story 3:  This was the kind of sequel that needed to happen in order to provide more satisfaction to the overall story than trying to make a sequel to a movie that already had satisfying ends.

Toy Story 2:  It's so great I can't even fit all of its greatness into this comment. The theme about everything coming to an end and whether we should accept.

Inside Out: Has such a good message about how we need all emotions not just joy and represents it extremely well.

Ratatouille: This is easily the most underrated pixar movie. It is funny, the animation of Paris is gorgeous, the characters are memorable, and it really sucks you into the environment.