Top 10 Best ScrewAttack Death Battles

Heading 1

Goku vs Superman: Great fight, the first fight to really feel like an impressive production and effort, with the opening credits creating a feeling that has yet to be matched. 

Deadpool vs Deathstroke:  This is the only Deadpool episode where the fourth wall breaking doesn't feel intrusive and obnoxious during the actual fight.

Iron Man vs Lex Luthor: Amazing fight, amazing dialogue, the Lex Luther analysis felt super lazy though, just going "well it can fight Superman but not really.

Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher: Excellent fight, fun analysis. They truly analyzed the "weapons, armor, and skills" here, which is really cool.

Kirby vs Majin Buu: Cool albeit simple power use, from Kirby, I'd have loved to see more , but the focus on pure combat ones led to some of the best sprite combat on the show, so not a big deal. 

Link vs Cloud: An epic duel of swordsmen, this was both an obvious fight and a very close one at the same time. If you were rooting for Link

Indiana Jones: They did a great job with this theme. I own a good amount of the sets and I can say that this was my favorite theme.

Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro: The fight itself is great,?solid animation and choreography along with plenty of ridiculous visual gags based on true Chuck Norris facts.

Mario vs Sonic: The fight itself was very nice, and is basically the meaning of "Death Battle. " However, this is the one fight in which I disagree with the winner.

Batman vs Spider-Man: Oops. Guess I forgot about this. For me, this easily takes spot No. 10 instead of Mario vs. Sonic. There were many thrilling moments.