Top 10 dangerous dog breeds

American Pit Bull TerrierAs a breed, Pit Bulls are the most dangerous dogs walking God’s green earth, and for a few reasons.

RottweilersThe Rottweiler is renowned for its extreme bouts of aggression. Unfortunately, their fearsome reputation is not without merit, as an unhinged Rottweiler is an absolute terror.

 Dogo Argentino was bred to hunt big game and protect its family. As you can imagine, traits such as aggressiveness, gameness, and raw, unbridled power were highly favored when designing this breed, 

Doberman Pinscherthe Doberman’s immense loyalty is what makes it so dangerous to other people, as this dog will not hesitate to attack anything it perceives as a threat to its kin.

Akitathe Akita is not a dog for amateurs. Due to the Akita’s dominant personality, this dog is always looking to become the pack leader. This is why it is not an ideal breed for first-time dog owners.

Gull DongThis Pakistani dog breed’s grumpy attitude makes it highly unpredictable—these dogs have been known to even turn on their owners. They are also difficult to train.

Perro de Presa Canariowhen a Perro de Presa Canario is around unfamiliar people or animals, it becomes a danger. This breed is not only extremely suspicious of strangers 

Tosa Inus are unhinged, to say the least, as cases of these dogs turning on their owners are common. It also does not help that the Tosa Inu has one of the most powerful jaws in the canine kingdom.

Chow ChowThe Chow Chow might look like an overgrown teddy bear; however, this dog is anything but that when it comes to personality.

Cane CorsoThis beast of a dog was bred for fighting and catching mountain lions and boars. Think about that for a second; the Cane Corso was bred to catch other predators!