Top 10 Favorite Disney Princesses

Heading 1

Belle: Belle is by far the best princess. She may be beautiful, but she doesn't spend her time maintaining her looks, she prefers reading.

Mulan: Mulan shows independence, maturity, bravery, everything a lot of the mother princesses seem to be lacking.

Ariel:  But then again , avoiding someone who looks like the hag and not eating their food is common sense, no matter how innocent you are.

Rapunzel:  She has wide eyed personality abou the world that is so cute. She is kind, kind innocent, caring but also brave feisty and independent.

Jasmine: Jasmine is the best princess because she's clearly the most independent princess of them all. Snow White and aurora married a prince just because the princesses woke them up from a spell.

Cinderella: Cinderella is iconic. Some may perceive her as weak or helpless, but she is in fact brave and strong.

Pocahontas: As an Indigenous person, I viewed Pocahontas as a positive racial and cultural representation of Native Americans in the mainstream media.

Tiana: Tiana is also more down to earth and has experienced suffering (the death of her dad) but she uses that to motivate her. 

Snow White: Snow White is sweet, optimistic and always tries to make the best of everything and see the good in everyone.

Aurora:  Many teens lost her time for get dress even some princess like Jasmine and not be but lucky princess like Belle, but Aurora don't.