Top 10 Greatest Things Ever

God: For the people who don't believe in God, keep in mind that you still follow gods rules every day, you may not believe in him which is a sin but still  that he made fundamental to all society. 

Music:  At least mine is music it always makes me happy, porno makes me happy sometimes but many times it makes me feel sad too or bored too but never music.

Family: The single most important thing in my life. We're all so different in character and interests and yet we are such a strong unit. 

Food: Obviously. We need food to survive. We need food to give us energy and the will to do things. Without food you would die from hunger.

Life:  This list should probably be called "Greatest Things In Life Ever" instead of "Greatest Things Ever.

Love: It's our ability to love others and put them before ourselves or our own needs, only then can you truly have "god" with you.

Internet:  It corrupts thoughts and makes people dumb. It is not a need for human life so it should not be this high on this list. Also, read the Bible. 

Jesus: Jesus is the BEST! And he'll always will be. Even though everyone has sinned, and yet, make mistakes, he loves each and everyone one of us.

Water: The most important drink. Whether you think it tastes good or not, you can't deny it's healthy and important.

Video Games: Every era has been defined by the art it creates and I'm lucky to be in an era where one can live out any fantasy they want, anytime they want.