Top 10 Grossest Foods in the World

Bull Penis: Cutting off an animal's testicles and cooking them into meat is just purely wrong. All testicles contain sperm. 

Chicken Liver: Liver is this hated? I'm genuinely surprised and a bit sad at the same time the fact this is high on this list. 

Haggis: Haggis is DISGUSTING, I've never had it (thank God) but it's still is nasty. Sheep heart, lungs etc. Eww grossest food ever! I'm so happy that I don't like in Scotland. 

Bull Testicles: People are often deceived and thing these are actual oysters but yeah this is one thing I will never feel comfortable touching with a 10 foot pole.

Blue Cheese: It's basically really fancy moldy cheese. The reason why this cheese is "blue" is because they put some sort of mold on it when they make it.

 Duck feet: Just the look of these 2 naughty nasty words make me feel nauseous about it. What's going to be even worst is that. 

Black-pudding:  I personally find it disgusting. I wonder how most of the people in my family loves it that I always get something else instead of that.

Monkey Brains: Really, this list should involve only common food items, because nobody really eats these ridiculous items like Monkey Brains and Bull Testicles. 

Casu Marzu: It is maggots that are alive on cheese. It is gross. I have had it before and I would rather eat black pudding.

Mushrooms: I like mushrooms with worchester sauce but other than that its gross! I hate thinking of it as fungi.