Top 10 Macaw Parrot Species

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw: Many macaw parrots mimic human speech, but the blue-and-gold macaw learns phrases more easily than others.

Scarlet Macaw: It has a larger percentage of tail than the other large macaws - it is about 81 centimetres (32 in) long, of which more than half is the tail. 

Hyacinth Macaw: It's the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot species,It looks nice.

Spix's Macaw: Spix's macaw (aka the little blue macaw), is native to Brazil. It's among the smallest macaws.

Military Macaw: They can live in captivity for more than 60 years, although they aren't much sought as a pet.

Green-winged Macaw: (aka Red-and-green macaw). It's one of the 3 largest macaws (others being Hyacinth Macaw and Great Green Macaw.

Great Green Macaw: It's one of the 3 largest macaws (also known as Buffon's Macaw or the Great Military Macaw, the latter not to be confused with Military Macaw).

Blue-throated Macaw: They live in monogamous pairs but it is not known if these macaws will pair with another mate if their original mate dies.

Red-fronted Macaw: The Red-fronted Macaw (also known as Lafresnaye's macaw), is a critically endangered species endemic to a semi-desert area in Bolivia. 

Severe Macaw / Chestnut-fronted Macaw:  It reaches a size of around 45 cm of which around half is the length of the tail. They can be found over a large part of Northern.