Top 10 Most Beautiful Colors

Heading 1

Purple: The first time I saw purple I was so happy it's such a pretty colour and I don't know if it's something that like it was in the dark.

Blue: This is the most beautiful color I've ever liked. The one reason that brings me into voting this is because it's the color of the oceans the seas and the sky It also covered half in the center.

Red: I used to like red before now I like yellow but all the time am trying to see something red my mind says ooh cute! I love how it looks like it expresses a lot of emotions.

Pink: I think Pink is a nice bright colour.However it can be festive on cakes or on Birthday parties and 90% girls when they were young love this colour.

Cyan: Cyan is absolutely amazing. Cyan is my second favorite color after green. The only reason though is because I never saw true cyan.

Green: I love green. When I look at green it feels like I'm surrounded by nature. It has such a good meaning to it and really is just beautiful.

Yellow: Yellow. Just so pretty. It makes me think of that song Happy by Pharrell Williams, and we all know that song is HAPPY! Get .

Gold: Gold is a rich type of yellow that brings wealth towards everyone,I think gold is a fascinating color as it is my personal favorite.

Black: Sexiest color of all time. Some idiots don't understand the beauty beyond it. Only cowards find it scary. Everything in black look so mysterious and sexy. 

Aqua: When I see aqua my mind bolts with ideas. I loooove aqua and feel it should be higher,The IMPROVED version of green and blue.