Top 10 Most Depressing Colors

Heading 1

Gray: Gray is neutrality personified. It is the middle ground of all colors, and while perfect order is peaceful, it's also boring.

Black: This colour is beautiful, it can be depressing but it's still my favourite. Most of my clothes are this colour, I don't know what that says about me.

Dark Blue: Because at the end of the day, as long as I keep seeking the most high Yah I will receive my both the kingdom here on earth, and after life as well.

Brown: It can be considered a composite color, but it is mainly a darker shade of orange. In the CMYK color model used in printing and painting.

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Beige: It takes its name from French, where the word originally meant natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, hence also the color of natural wool.

Maroon: Depressing... just like the high school jerseys you love yet regret,Yup Maroon 5 selling out is depressing,Yeah, Maroon5's sellout is pretty depressing.

Orange-Brown: Shades of brown can be produced by combining red, yellow, and black pigments, or by a combination of orange and black—illustrated in the color box.

Dark Red: I love dark red and I agree with this list so much even some of the colors that are here are the colors that I like the most.

White: It leaves you in silence, alone. It kinda makes you feel depressed and meaningless. Although other people may say that the darker colors are the more sad ones.