Top 10 Most Evil Disney Villains

Heading 1

Claude Frollo: His occupation is despotic, his morals are extremely warped by a puritan mindset, he figuratively and literally goes to hell at the end of the movie.

Scar: The thing is, unlike other Disney villains, Scar was very sneaky. He completely manipulated Simba into thinking that it was his fault that Mufasa died.

Maleficent: The hyenas in lion king are more evil then this green lady.The hunted a entire kingdom of animals. She said to kill any people at all.

The Queen: That's horrifying. And that scene where she's clearly locked someone up and let them starve to death/die of thirst.

Chernabog: He just commits evil for fun, with no known justification. At least the ones near the top of the list could justify their actions in the eyes of a few people.

Jafar: Jafar basically kidnaps people and forces them to risk their lives for him. He fools a sultan, which essentially translates into fooling the whole land. He tries to drown Aladdin.

The Coachmen: This scumbag kidnapped hundreds, if not thousands of young boys by luring them to pleasure island. After getting the children to smoke and drink they got transformed into donkeys. 

Shan-Yu: This guy as a Hun is surely indeed just pure evil and sadistic and ruthless indeed. He killed many innocent lives himself with invading China.

Ursula: Ursula, the very name is spooky. It means she bear, and she definitely shows it by her care for her minions. Let's begin, she is a special kind of evil.

Horned King: He definitely is pretty evil. He looks like a devil to me but too bad he thinks that his power cannot die but he is wrong; he died all right.