Top 10 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets Ever Made

Banana Slicer: This tool was designed to spare it's user from the "tedious" chore of slicing bananas with a knife. Let's be honest, most people don't eat banana all that often.

Strawberry Huller: If you are really refusing to eat an edible part of the food that does not change the taste in any way either, you can simply eat the strawberry and not eat the green part.

Butter Dispenser: Now yes, trying to spread cold butter with just a knife can be an annoying challenge, but there are many other kitchen tools you can use instead of this butter dispenser.

Toaster with Egg Cooker: You read that right, a toaster equipped with an egg cooker. Not only does this device take more space than a regular toaster.

Pizza Scissors: A pizza wheel is much more convenient. To use pizza scissors you have to LIFT part of the pizza up, genius! No one wants to do that; you risk ruining a perfectly good pizza.

Tuna Squish: The Tuna Squish gadget helps to remove water from canned tuna and avoid smelling like tuna from touching the water.

Pickle Fork: Yes, a pickle fork is a thing. It's use is to avoid putting your fingers in the jar, but why you can't just use a regular fork to get a pickle out of a jar is beyond me

Hands-Free Bag Holder: These adjustable arms clip onto your storage bag and keep them upright so you can fill your bags easily.

Herb Scissors: These scissors easily cut herbs using five blades or more, depending on the brand of herb scissors you purchase.

Bear Paws Meat Shredders: I have to give it to these tools, they do their intented jobs well, a quick look at any YouTube video on these bear paws will show you that.