Top 10 Most Valuable 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar

Heading 1

With most resellable coins, the year is what designates its value. This is because, in some years, fewer coins are released, and that rarity drives market interest.

Second, while these dollars have a gilded tone, there’s no precious metal in them. The innards are copper and the outers are manganese brass.

The iconic image on the obverse shows Sacagawea carrying her infant son on her back. The baby’s name was Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau. 

Yes, Randy’L was named after her dad. She was his second child, and she echoed his career path, studying Art History and Native American Studies in college. 

Because the initial Cheerios Dollar was given as a free gift, it’s fairly easy to find. Plus it was a circulated coin so it wasn’t especially rare. The public didn’t take to the coin though.

Why do those years matter? There’s a saying (in the Bible) about how prophets are never recognized or acknowledged in their hometowns. So while these coins are not popular now.

If you’re going to trade this coin, it would be nice to pronounce her name correctly. It’s a polite nod to her importance and shows respect to any of her kinsmen that you may be trading with.

Despite her shiny situation, Sacagawea had a rough start. At 12, her home was raided by a Hidatsa party. The attackers killed several people, kidnapping Sacagawea and other girls.

Both Otter and Sacagawea worked as guides because they were fluent in the relevant Native American dialects. Sacagawea was a new mom and probably had her baby constantly with her.

Why is it that we’re so familiar with Sacagawea but we don’t even know Otter Woman’s name? It might be because Clark to a shine to Pompy aka Little Pomp and offered to raise him.