Top 10 Most Valuable Mexican Coins

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A lot of our grandparents and great-grandparents collected coins. But they probably did it for practical reasons. Barter trade was still common.

 Mexican Gold Centenario 50 Pesos Coin 1821: For resellers that plan to specialize in the most valuable Mexican coins, brushing up your Spanish. This can be useful for looking through reference texts.

It will also guide you on how to talk about your coin and what features to highlight. Casual collectors might be wowed by stories and anecdotes about the coin and the family that owned it.

One of the hubs for trading Mexican coins is the US Mexican Numismatic Association, and you can find tons of information on their website, 

This means seasoned collectors know Mexican coins almost as well as ours. You don’t have to become but if you’re working with these collector then you should learn as much about the coins as you can.

One of the reasons Mexican coins are so popular is their melt value. Their earliest coins – both before and after Spanish colonization – were minted from pure gold or silver.

 Mexican Coins: While the country typically used escudos and reales, they did have a local currency called the peso. One peso was worth eight reales. Today and one peso is worth a hundred centavos.

Because we think of bald eagles as an American thing, we assume the Mexicans copied our coins! But as we said before, they were producing currency at least three centuries before we were.

 1959 20 PESOS MEXICAN GOLD COIN: Antique American coins can be valuable, but they come in a limited number of variations. So you focus on the years where fewer coins  that rarity increases value.