Top 10 Saddest Disney Movies

Heading 1

Up: Though we only saw Carl's relationship with Ellie for a few minutes, it was clear they had a beautiful and true love. 

The Lion King:  It first starts with many wonderful animals coming to see the birth of prince Simba. A creepy but a hilarious and loving baboon, raises the cub in the air so the animals can see. 

The Fox and the Hound: Todd and Cooper were such great friends and the beginning and vowed for their friendship to never be broken.

Bambi: My mom told me I cried for days. I kept asking her why Bambi's mother had to die. To this day I still cannot bring myself to watch it.

Old Yeller: Sixth grade, this year- watched this in school. It was great but... I couldn't help but sob my eyes out. Along with the rest of our class.

Toy Story 3: This movie was sad because of Andy leaving and going away to college, not to mention even including Lotso as the darkest and worst and most evil villain in the Toy Story franchise.

Dumbo: The story of an ostracized animal based on purely looks reminds me of my childhood, and I respect disney for coming up with such a powerful story.

Brother Bear: When I was very young this movie was one of my favorites. It never really made me cry because I couldn't quite understand it. 

Bridge to Terabithia: I cried for an hour after first watching this movie and I have cried every time since. I kept hoping that Leslie would be alive.

Big Hero 6:  It's an emotional roller coaster! The deaths of so many people in Hiro's life, everything! I just don't know why this isn't higher on the list! I'm a teen and I was  tears more than once.