Top 10 Smartest Animals

Smallest Rabbit: Pygmy Rabbit - Pygmy rabbits spend their lives in and around sagebrush. Native to the western United States, the teeny hoppers — which only measure between 9.25 and 11.6 inches.

Smallest Shark: Dwarf Lantern Shark - Measuring in at only 8.3 inches long, dwarf lanterns are the smallest sharks in the world. Experts at camouflage.

Smallest Fish: Paedocypris - The smallest fish on the planet is a genus called Paedocypris. Individuals are smaller than a half-inch and live in the waters around Sumatra Island.

Smallest Snake: Slender Blind Snakes - Found over a few-square-kilometers in Barbados and believed by scientists to be the world’s smallest snake, slender blinds only grow to about 4.1 inches long.

Smallest Monkey Pygmy Marmosets live in South American forests and enjoy the distinction of being the world’s smallest monkey. Individuals are about the size of a human finger, 4.6 to 6.2 inches tall

Smallest Bird: Bee Hummingbird - What is the smallest bird in the world? Honors go to the bee hummingbird — also known as the zunzuncito and Helena hummingbird. 

Smallest Mammal by Mass: Etruscan Shrew - Incredibly, Etruscan shrews have a 1511-beats-per-minute resting heart rate.

Smallest Mammal by Length: Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat - In the limestone caves of Burma and Thailand live the world’s smallest mammals by length: Kitti’s hog-nosed bats. 

Smallest Reptile: Virgin Island Dwarf Sphaero - Scientists believe the smallest reptile currently scurrying across the planet is the Virgin Island dwarf sphaero.

Smallest Frog: Monte Iberia Eleuth - The smallest frog in the Northern Hemisphere is the Monte Iberia eleuth. At only 0.4 inches, they’re about half the size of your thumb!