Top 10 Ugliest Colors

Heading 1

Barf Green: It is a harsh color reminding one of Ominous bodily fluids and the color of illness. If one looks green one is usually very sick. It is a color that does not look good on every skin tone.

Pink: Pink is a horrendous color. I absolutely DESPISE it. I don't even think I could put into words how UGLY it is. I hate how people view it as a feminine because it SUCKS.

Yellow: A lot of gross things have yellow in common. Mucus, cheese , urine, insect eggs, wasps, rancid milk, vomit, earwax, bad porridge, just to name a few. 

Chrome Yellow: It looks so ever pretty, like a shade of gold! I love yellow, and it rocks. Yellow totally rocks, I don't know why you hate it so much. It's like gold but paler.

Dark Brown: My eyes are dark brown. Don't think of it as poop or mud or anything like that. Some poop is green or light brown or in a pigeon's case, white.

Puce: The color is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bedsheets even after being laundered from a flea's droppings or after a flea has been killed.

Mold Green: Mold is disgusting. My brother had breathing treatments because of it,This Color is one of the worst! I hate this disgusting Color so much.

Orange: Think of prison uniforms and the roofs of Howard Johnson's. Orange looks good on African Americans and other very dark-skinned people.

Olive Green: Ugh... I hate it. It makes me think of puke. What was the purpose of this color? Who is the idiot that thought this color was such a great idea!? Whoever it is, I want to slap them.

Beige: Beige is one of my least favourite colours. Even the name is unappealing, reminding me of a cat retching. It is a pale, indecisive colour with undertones of vomit.