Top 10 Worst Colors

Heading 1

Pink: Why is this color so hated? It's really not that bad, especially when it's lighter or less saturated. It goes well with a lot of colors, such as white and lighter shades.

Puke Green: Uncanny color (the one in image) - is green but never encountered in nature. Never used except on old people houses

Brown: It's the color of poop. Sure, Brown is a good color for furniture, like tables, bed stands, nightstands, that's pretty much it.

Yellow: This color makes me want to puke. It reminds me of the things I hate Yellow deserves a shaming and spanking for being such a disgusting color.

Pee Yellow: The reason people hate Pee Yellow is because it reminds them of pee.It's really that simple,Pee Yellow is Worst than Yellow So how come Yellow is higher than this disgusting Colour.

Gray: Dark Grey because when you see a dark grey cloud in the sky, it means that a thunderstorm is most likely approaching, as for other factos, it's not much better. 

Mustard Yellow: My favorite color is Yellow. But Mustard Yellow is hideous. I don't even like Mustard. And this shade makes me hate Yellow.

Olive Green: This isn't a bad color, but it's not my ideal color pencil in my pencil bag,Olive green is the colour of vomit pee and poop combined.

Beige: I associate this with those people who can't make conversation, old people, hyperactive chihauhas and the Dust Bowl. I have mild synesthesia and beige sounds like bad jazz music to me.

Green: Green isn't bad at all? Yea sure it might be resembling Acid, Vomit and poison but it is also useful.