Top 10 Worst Disney Movies of All Time

Heading 1

High School Musical: And it really puts down many girls, because Ashley is so "pretty" and has a "cute" crush called Troy.

Mars Needs Moms:  The characters in Mars Needs Moms have some of the most disgusting designs I've ever seen. Are these characters monkeys?!?! They don't even look like humans or aliens.

Chicken Little: This is one of the rarer cases where I used to love this movie as a kid. But now, the flaws are making this movie way harder to enjoy.

Home on the Range: This movie is definitely the worst animated Disney classic out there. There is basically zero soundtrack, poor leading characters, and a boring plot line.

Planes: It's just a clone of cars but with planes. What's next, boats? Anyway, it's a boring movie that literally has no funny jokes.

Teen Beach Movie: That is Teen Beach Movie. The characters have little to no personality, The musical numbers are mediocre at best, and the story is not original at all. 

Hannah Montana: The Movie: This movie is a steaming pile of crap. Hannah Montana is a whiny nobody and the songs made me want to rip my ears off. Shame on you, whoever the hell made this piece of crap.

G-Force: The fart jokes and pop culture references are obnoxious and the plot is stupid but the action scenes are really fun to watch and the voice acting is okay.

The Wild: This is a horrible Ripoff of Madagascar! It's the same storyline (I loved the Madagascar movies but I hated this movie) Animals are in Central Park.

Frozen: Most hated Disney animated film that overloads their fans! Let It Go is one of the most anxious songs that gets you an earworm in your brain.