Top 10 Worst School Subjects

Heading 1

Math: I don't think math is that hard as people make it to be. I would say the difficulty depends on the teacher's abilities. 

Physical Education:  I'm not athletic person and right now that I'm 7th grade they make us run sometimes close to 2km while normally I can't run 80 metres without stopping.

Algebra: Same as maths, it's terrible, and useless, and who in the world is insane enough to use letters in math.

Language Arts:  All of my ELA classes are always boring and bland, and half of the articles don't even make sense for me.

History: Are you suggesting if I don't learn from someone who died by eating poisonous flowers, I am destined to do the same.

Foreign Language: UGH, back in elementary, this was a forced course (Spanish). It just sucked, and I don't plan to speak anything other than English.

Religion: That is not true first of all. Second of all it is not a fact that it's a waste of time. Third of all, don't you say that it's Jesus and God are fake. 

Geometry: It's not the teachers fault, I am almost 100% sure by the end of the school year, my brain will purposefully erase everything that ever happened in that class.

Writing: My hands hurt while writing, and it just gives me so much pain to think about what to write, especially in the teacher's rubric and instructions.

Science: I'm in year seven, my teacher gave you a booklet to do over the weekends, well today I was trying to do it, it was too hard.