Top 10 Worst School Subjects

Heading 1

Homework: My math teacher ALONE is making us do least thirty minutes of JUST math homework each night Monday through Thursday. 

Monday Mornings: I think Mondays are pretty cool. First period is self study so I usually get to go to the library which is pretty good to have besides all the noise as a place have some quiet.

Relationship Drama: Yeah. By sixth grade I was on my first girlfriend that I began dating at the end of the previous year. Her name was Sarah. 

Cafeteria Food: The teachers say school lunch has a lot of variety. I say that's true, I've counted at least 3/4 of the periodic table.

Everyone Turns Into a Jerk:  my classmates are still smart (the mean smart witty people), but they don't really respect others' differences.

No More Recess: I was sad that there was not any Recess, I always had to miss Recess in 1st-5th grade because of how much I was bullied.

Hot Teachers You Couldn't Have: Oh yeah? That hot teacher is MY MUM and I have to deal with every boy liking her and telling ME how hot my mum is. Plain embarrassing.

Boring Classes: I hate having to be in classes for over an hour doing nothing but taking notes (Aka doodling) and listening to the teacher drone on and on about useless things.

Too Many Projects: 3 Projects in less than a week, every week, is killing me,I have a class where all we do is projects.

Immature Classmates:  I don't care if Brad like Jenna or Stacy is dating whoever, let's just eat! It's even worse when no one is listening to the teacher like let him/her do his/her job.