Top Ten Academic Subjects Physicists 

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Chemistry: Chemists: easy targets, have a lot to argue in favour of their subject, but from the perspective of the scientists whose academic focus shares their roots.

Physics:  "explain" them as if to non-experts, including some truly appalling puns. Mocking each other by the tendency for them to bring down entire projects is also in the equation.

Computing: The properties of an awkward nerd are made extremist in their case as well. We're glad for the most part to have the same burden upon us.

Engineering: Engineering is an applied form of physics, which some might say is making knick-knacks spanning from long understood scientific ideas.

Philosophy: It means that there are some ideas of one which can agree with the other, and other which cannot. And we all know the big science versus religion debates.

Astronomy: It is assisted by applications of physics, and vice versa, but of course, there are the astronomers with the responsibility of looking up at the asteroids in close.

Biology: Just as chemistry is applied physics, the life sciences are applied physics AND chemistry! And it's also by far the least mathematical of the sciences, unless you count biophysics.

Pure Mathematics: Mathematics is the language of physics, and physicists salivate at the predictions and analysis that it offers, but mathematics is never a perfect tool for describing the universe.

Material Science: Our mirthful attitude towards materials is similar to that of engineering, only with the knowledge that it is the most boring way to use physics.

Ethnic Studies: As an interdisciplinary major, the B.A. in Ethnic Studies emphasizes the social and historical study of race and racism in the United States.