Top Ten Best Cheeses

Cheddar: Cheddar is the universal cheese. The most popular, the best with everything, one of the tastiest.

Mozzarella: Very different flavours yet both plentiful in their flavours. I especially love Buffalo mozzarella.

Brie: I love brie, I'm dutch and I'm what you call a kaas kop (translation: cheese head), but why is cheddar on top. 

Gouda: Polish cheese. Some people can't tolerate this taste. I can't tolerate one day without Gouda. 

Parmesan:  Parmesan is the best food known to man and nothing in the entire multiverse will or has ever been better than it.

Swiss: I absolutely LOVE Swiss it is bitter and yet so delicious! I love it plain or on sandwiches or anything.

Feta: Just gorgeous. My choice for any salad or pasta dish During the meal, delicious, the next day it's perfect. 

Pepper Jack: a mixture of jalapeno infused with mozzarella and red chili (chile) peppers. The cheese with the most pop. 

Provolone: This along with havarti taste so good melted on top of crispy bread. Must try.

American: Can't have a cheeseburger or grilled cheese unless it's American. No other kind of cheese can surpass it's classic flavor.