Top Ten Best Chuck Palahniuk Books

Heading 1

Fight Club: The book that started it all off for Chuck. This one hasn't been ruined by being made into a movie - though many of the best parts were left off the screen.

Survivor: Contestants who are stranded on a remote island try to survive on it and face challenging tasks to win the grand prize money.

Invisible Monsters Remix: A story of a tragically disfigured model traveling across the country looking for the next fix of stolen pain meds. 

Lullaby: A story of a newspaper reporter researching SIDS who becomes something else entirely.

Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey: Both psychological and physiological, this book has everything from romance, to time travel.

Haunted: The Purge" and "Lore," provides viewers with a chilling glimpse into first-person accounts of supernatural events. People who have witnessed horrifying

Choke: From sex addiction to building an unknown future, this book has a little bit for everyone - both the miscreant and the artist.

Diary: Imagine a reclusive artist living on a prestigious island, tortured by her past but unsure of the magic she wields with her brush.

Pygmy: Once you get used to the broken English and cadence of the main character, the book is a quick read due to the entertainment alone. Then there's the social commentary.

Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories: One of his best works of non-fiction, Learning about the world through the eyes of a novelist is truly an entertaining experience.