Top Ten Best Drinks

Water: Water definitely deserves its place on top. Its essential to life and is a precious natural resource we need to preserve.

Chocolate Milk: Chocolate Milk is great. It combines 2 things everybody likes. Chocolate and Milk. Together it tastes so good.

Coca-Cola: Even if water is good for you it is not a good drink. This is about the flavour and how refreshing it is not plain water.

Dr. Pepper: Why are there a lot of people praising over Coca-Cola and Pepsi instead of Dr. Pepper.

Coffee: I am big Coffee drinker especially in the morning ! When I wake up my dad or mom makes a fresh hot cup of coffee to have with breakfast .

Lemonade: What drink is perfect for the summer? LEMONADE is the answer! It's so delicious and it has lemon juice in it and sugar. 

Mountain Dew:I like Mountain Dew. It's a citrus drink, yet it doesn't taste like Sprite. I would vote for milk but I don't drink it straight up anymore.

Pepsi: Pepsi doesn't have a lot of carbonation or too less of it, it's just in the middle. Dr Pepper has way to much.

Orange Juice: I absolutely love Orange Juice so much especially in the morning for breakfast ! Orange Juice brings back fun child hood memories for me.

Apple Juice: Yes yes yes; you must have this drink. It's perfect for a tired exhausting day. I cannot imagine living without it.