Top Ten Best Ice Cream Toppings

Caramel: I'm licking caramel while I'm writing this! Caramel is sweet and thick, the perfect combination with ice cream and an everyday pleasure inside of chocolates.

Hot Fudge: Hot fudge basicly goes with everything. It gives chocolate milk it's chocolate taste,and a hot fudge sundae it's hot fudge.

Oreo: Are the BOMB! There not just good on Ice cream. they're great alone, ESPECIALLY double stuffed.

Chocolate Syrup: I love it! It's so delicious! Honestly, you should buy it! I prefer chocolate syrup over most toppings, because it tastes yummy with the ice-cream.

Whipped Cream: It would be good with Whipped cream but sometimes I don't like it that much. Only on my ice cream because It tastes like Vanilla ice cream on top.

Cookie Dough: I love it because I love cookie dough ice cream who does not like cookie dough right.

M&M's: M&M's are the best toppings in my opinion. It gives a nice chocolatey taste mixed with sweet vanilla. It kind of changes the taste of the vanilla.

Marshmallows: Kay, why is marshmallows down here and not at number one... they're so squishy and delicious! These guys need some more votes.

Strawberries: Okay, who's idea was it to put strawberries on the bottom? You people obviously don't know what strawberries are.

Gummy Bears: My favorite candy of all time. I could eat it all day, literally. It's even better on ice cream. Especially vanilla ice cream.