Top Ten Best Snack Chips

Pringles Original: Pringles are the best crisps/chips ever! The classic flavour is a bit dull, but the paprika flavour is the best! Also, the hot and spicy flavour is great as well.

Takis Original: never used to like spicy stuff because the smell was either to strong or it didn't taste good, But then my sister wanted me to try them and they tasted delicious.

SunChips Harvest Cheddar: SunChips are wavy snacks made of whole grains, flavour of cheddar cheese and whole grains are perfect for dips or guacamole from hangout fruits and gourment.

Ruffles Original: they are also just simply perfect for an after school snack, or just to have a sandwhich woth. my favorite has to be the ruffles in cheaddar cheese though.

Funyuns: The flavor that a bag of funyuns carries is so tasty that you'll want more. It should definitely be that top chip because no other chip carries the same flavor.

Takis Fuego: They taste so good! (As we speak, I am eating some). Sometimes I wonder if everything tastes bland, but these are bursting with flavor! Just don't rub your eyes with takis dust. It hurts.

Doritos Cool Ranch: Most likely my favorite. Besides sour cream and onion. Talkis are disgusting and supposedly made from card board.

Lay's Barbecue: They are crisp and light on taste buds, including with great flavor umpact. They are also perfect on any occasion.

Lay's Classic Potato Chips: These are bomb! They are flavorful, salty and just the way I like it, and don't get powder all over your hands unlike Doritos or Cheetos.