Top Ten Best Sopranos Characters

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Tony Soprano: Anthony John Soprano is a fictional character and the protagonist in the HBO television drama series The Sopranos

Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Paulie was a manipulative borderline Sociopath who was dismissive of others feelings and was always seeking approval from his criminal boss Tony Soprano.

Christopher Moltisanti: Christopher is a really loveable scumbag who takes pride in his murders frequently takes out his anger at his girlfriend Adrianna Lacerva. 

Corrado 'Junior' Soprano: As uncle to crime boss Tony Soprano corado soprano Junior,s life was full of tragedy starting when his brother Johnny boy Soprano died.

Matthew Bevilaqua: Matthew Bevilaqua is a supporting character portrayed by Lillo Brancato, Jr. He is an associate of the DiMeo crime family and a member of the Soprano crew.

Livia Soprano: She is the mother of Tony Soprano. A young Livia, played by Laila Robins and later by Laurie J. Williams, is sometimes seen in flashbacks.

Silvio Dante: ll murder without remorse yet has a system of honor always following the old codes and loved his family deeply but always cheats on his wife and is Pervy enough to own a strip club. 

Brendan Filone: All Through The Night" montage. Best death scene + he was my favorite character in the series run.

Sean Gismonte: Sean dead with a bullet to the head and smoking glock in his hand as the car slides and crashes with Matt fleeing the scene and bullets riddled on the pavement.

Bobby Baccalieri: Bobby,s just too kind to be a mobster due to the writers amazingly portraying Bobby,s kinder side such as his loyalty protectiveness of his children.